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ZakStunts Championship

ZakStunts is now 21 years old, and still not slowing down! This is the competition for the top drivers in the world. It's all about freedom and fun - you can submit your times from the web and race with any car, any month. The 2021 season starts in January, but due to rules applied, even late joiners have a real choice to battle for the season's podium.
We also have public replays, so newbies can learn quickly from the pros. Come, join us!
ManagerZak McKracken
Track interval4 weeks
LengthWhole year
Replay handlingAllowed
Cars usedAny, your choice

Race for Kicks

Race for Kicks is an OWOOT racing event. This means you must remain on or over the asphalt/dirt/ice at all times (one wheel on or over the track) and you must execute all stunts. You may not use shortcuts or skip stunts in any way.
ManagerCas and KyLiE
Track intervalMonthly
LengthWhole year
Replay handlingOptional
Cars usedAssigned per track

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Twenty years seems like a long time, but here we are for the 21st season of ZakStunts. Join the competition, download Stunts and our custom cars, and show us how fast you can drive in this classic DOS game.

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