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  2003 Latest News || Site of season'2002 is available here!
  31/12/2003 So, "Indy Racing Cup" finished. Only 8 racers challenged on the last track. CTG was very near to his first win on Las Palmas but Akoss Poo was faster by .05 sec! Happy New Year, and don't forget to check Rankings page to know final positions

16/12/2003 Race in Santiago wasn't active but Bonzai Joe's victory is really impressive. He took the lead on the first day and nobody could overtake him during all month! So, the last track is called Las Palmas. Note that race will end on 30 December

16/11/2003 It's sad but bad-boy Akoss Poo won in Vilnius. Tsino took second place this time, and Alan Rotoi - third. The next track is located in Santiago. Only two races left, so try to push your indy harder

16/10/2003 Tsino... He sent only one replay but it was enough for his first win on Dakar in our competition! What a paradox: he's still without a team!!! Akoss Poo placed second - the best result this season so far. And the next track is called Vilnius

10/10/2003 New racer, new country. Zioalfa from Italy joined to our competition with great time. Also CTG returned from his vacation. But there's sad news too: mushi was released from "MeganiuM" team, and now he's without team again

16/09/2003 WOW! What an exciting race was on Jakarta in quiet days! Top4 racers sent their final times on last days, and gap between them - less than 1 second! Soon you can read detailed report but before it take a look to Dakar

06/09/2003 Some new racers joined on Jakarta track too. One of them is Tsino - current leader of competition. Another one, mushi, joined to "MeganiuM" team and replaced Dayan. Final newcomer is Manowar from Argentina.

16/08/2003 Welcome back to the second phase of "Indy Racing Cup" competition. Let's hope one month summer holidays was useful for everyone. As you know, Jakarta is waiting our roaming engines. Fasten your seatbelt and... enjoy the race

16/07/2003 Alan Rotoi's a long unbeatable streak was broken in Asuncion by Alain! Next race will start at Jakarta from 16 August, after one month summer break. But the track may appear earlier for download.

04/07/2003 phew, Dublin report and analysis are prepared at last. Sorry, I was too lazy to do it earlier By the way, thanks to Asuncion track designer Akoss Poo and to all racers. It is the most active IRC track for now (counting replays)

29/06/2003 Wow, we have another rookie this season - satanziege from Germany joined to us! He just started Stunts racing (again), after some years. Hmm, it seems, one additional award must be given to the best rookie of the season

25/06/2003 Finally two new racers joined! It's Dabuek, the first swede in "Indy Racin Cup", and Schila from Hungary (formerly known as Zsuzsi). Well, let's wish good luck to them. Also there's a rumour that CAP may return to Stunts activity

16/06/2003 ah, Alain couldn't overcome Alan Rotoi on Dublin althought he tried very hard. Akoss Poo, another steady racer, finished just behind them. Very disappointed Bonzai Joe. Well, now let's test the last track before summer break - Asuncion.

02/06/2003 A long time waited Chicago report and analysis done by Krys Toff. Also finished unofficial "no-RH & auto" competition in Dublin. Six racers competed in this Real racing event. The best results showed Bonzai Joe, pArAnO and Juank 23.

17/05/2003 Here is official Chicago results. Expect detailed report and analysis next week. And this time turn to held IRC event came to Europe. We'll race in Dublin. Remember: Juank wants to see your no-RH times with auto in the first week.

16/04/2003 OK, final Abidjan results are uploaded. Report and analysis will come few days later. Now from Africa let's go to North America. The dual-way Chicago track isn't hard, so try to race there without RH. At least in the first days.

16/03/2003 Just quick update: final Beijing results and new track - Abidjan - are available. Full Beijing post-race report is comming soon. By the way, Krys Toff announced a wish to prepare analysis for every race. Stay tuned!

16/02/2003 Hello Stunts racers, and welcome to our new competition! Season is starting in Beijing, capital of China. The track is downloadable from results page. Don't forget to send your replays, and... Good luck!