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  17/03/2003 Thanx to all who find time to participate in "Indy Racing Cup", formerly known as ISA competition. It's really good to see many racers So, the first event was held in China, on a quite nice Beijing track. As Zak McKracken said, it wasn't so annoying like most ISA tracks in the past. Now let's make a short review of the first race of 2003 season.

Alan Rotoi wondered to have his 6th ISA/IRC win in a row. However he deserved to be on the top with such good racing. By the way, there was a small accident with one of his latest replays - he did an illegal trick. After rumours spread about disqualification of his result, the current champion showed the strengh and sent more than impressive replay. Actually Beijing was very successful to "MeganiuM" team as pArAnO took not only the second place, but got 1 additional point for leading time. Although he didn't really like the track: not bad, not good, he said. Akoss Poo finished 3rd with promised fabulous replay.

There was a great battle in quiet days for the 5th place which won our "Man of the Race" - Juank 23. On this cool track (not his favourite but still nice) he found a lot of support from fellow racers. On 6th and 7th places settled two hungarians - Zak McKracken and CTG. One point in debut race gained rookie Dayan.

It was very strange to see the orioners on the bottom of the scoreboard. Two of them (Krys Toff and Leo Ramone) founded a sub-Orion team "Stunts Temple Pilots". Krys Toff wasn't a good performer on Beijing. Too many elevated corners for me, he stated. And Leo didn't have enough time to race in a good way.

4th - Bonzai Joe. I was, not so surprisingly, very unpleased with my result. I had not spent very much time on the track, and I wasn't expecting to win, but my place and the enormous time-difference was much worse than I had expected. It's not like I hadn't spent time on the track at all... Congratulations to those who showed that Alan Rotoi is not the only one who can beat me.

5th - Juank 23. It was quite interesting because it was my first RH track. I think that if the other tracks are faster I can give even more. I want to win, I'm hungry of victories, so I'll try harder every day.

6th - Zak McKracken. It's good to see so many racers here, IRC started on the good way. Well as usual many of them have incredibe times. I spent 4 times 1 hour on it, which means 4 driving from the start to the end.

7th - CTG. Well, there was no real surprise: talented drivers beat the weaker ones. I'm not very satisfied with that 7th place because I think it was possible for me to get a better time.

9th - Krys Toff. Winning times are very impressive, I can see how much I have to improve!