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This competition is over!!! Thanks for all racers and visitors!!!
Stay tunned for some special stuffs soon...

Whatís new, pipsqueak?

(August 31th, 2016) - Sorry. It tooks so long, but, there is the last special stuff. Thank you all for the support!!! Finishing the works in this website!

(October 11th, 2015) - Letís read the last DataGonzo. Stay tuned for more special stuffs!!!

(October 3rd, 2015) - The competition is over. The 6th Race has five pipsqueaks and the fourth Duplodeís won. Heís the champion!!!! MeganiuM Aces High was the most regular and participative team and won the Teamsí Competition. Brazil won the Nationsí Cup. You can see all championship stats here. And some stats here too!!! Letís congrat everyone!!! Thanks for all the eight pipsqueaks who took part on this competition!!! On next days, weíll post some last stats and some suprises. Stay tunned!

(September 19th, 2015) - Nobody sent replays this week for the 6th Race. Well... The 5th Race Gonzo is out! Letís read it!

(September 12th, 2015) - First results of 6th Race 20 laps from four pipsqueaks. One afulloís lap, Riobamba, is incomplete second the RPL Info, but, there is a possibity to be validated after the manual watch after the race.

(September 4th, 2015) - This is the second part of the update. Great victory of dreadnaut in the 5th Race! He was faster in all five tracks. Duplode didnít send any replay, then, the championship will have a very hot 6th Race! Duplode (87), dreadnaut (86), AbuRaf (79) and Shoegazing Leo (65) are the pipsqueak who can won the racersí championship! The Teamsí Championship is near of MeganiuM Aces High and the Nationsí Cup is a good battle between Brazil and Italy. Letís go!

(September 3rd, 2015) - This is an update what will made in more than one part. This is the first: The 6th (and last) Race is on air. Next parts (coming soon): Complete final results of 5th Race.

(August 27st, 2015) - This is the last update before the deadline! Donít lose this race!!!

(August 22nd, 2015) - dreadnaut improved three of the five tracks. This is 5th Race! Letís go!

(August 20th, 2015) - Time for Gonzo and his DataGonzo. Now with the 4th Race. Donít forget to race the 5th Race!

(August 15th, 2015) - First update of 5th Race with 20 times. The afulloís replay for LOL-MS was spotted as incomplete by RPLInfo, but it can change like the last race, when the manual checking turned it fair.

(August 6th, 2015) - Second step of update: Congratulation to dreadnaut, the 4th Raceís winner. He was the fastest at two tracks: Longway and Gonaives, then get 4 extra points.AbuRaf70 was the fastest at Pasto and Shoegazing Leo was the fastest at Samsum, then, 2 extra points to each one. See all 4th Racesí Results, How the championship is now, the marks and race the 5th Race! Letís Go!

(August 4th, 2015) - Again an update step by step (uh, baby!). First, the 5th Race, with five tracks, on the rocks! Next: unofficial results and official results of 4th Race.

(July 30th, 2015) - Shoegazing Leo improved four tracks. The deadline is coming!

(July 25th, 2015) - AbuRaf70 improved three of four tracks, but remains on the second position on 4th Race. 10 days left for deadline!!!

(July 17th, 2015) - Four pipsqueaks sent replays on first week for 4th Race. The Pasto afulloís lap was spotted as incomplete by track viewer, then itís counting as 10 minutes.

(July 16th, 2015) - Today, the 3rd Race Gonzo is here. Later, when will be tomorrow, the first times of 4th Race. Come on!

(July 9th, 2015) - Finally the 3rd step is here. There is the official results of 3rd Race, the updated Season Standings and the Updated Racersí Stats. Donít forget: next week, the first update of 4th Race. Letís race, lady and/or gentleman!

(July 7th, 2015) - This is the second step of three: the Extraofficial results of 3rd Race! The next one is the official. The 4th Race is on the rocks! Letís Go!

(July 5th, 2015) - This is a three-step update. The first is here: the 4th Race is on the rocks! The next two: the remaining replays of 3rd Race to Extra-Oficial Results and the further officialization.

(July 1st, 2015) - This is the last update before the deadline. Hurry!!!! AbuRaf70 sent two more replays last week.

(June 25th, 2015) - Ten days remaining to reach the middle of the season... Time flies!!! The 3rd Race flies.

(June 17th, 2015) - Gonzo is back with the 2nd DataGonzo. And we are the first replays from the 3rd Race.

(June 7th, 2015) - The 2nd Raceís Results are officialized, with little corrections in three laps. Then, there are Season Standings and Racers Stats too. The 3rd Race is happening! B÷FF!

(June 5th, 2015) - Second part of our update: the extraofficial results of the 2nd Race gave a brilliant victory to Duplode, winning all four tracks and puting an overall advantage of more of two minutes. AbuRaf70 was the second, dstien third.
3rd Race started some hours ago! Letís go!

(June 5th, 2015) - This update will be made in some steps. This is the first: The 3rd Race started! The next one will be the last 2nd Raceís replays. Stay tuned!

(May 28th, 2015) - No replays this week. Time is runing out! Look at the 2nd Raceís Standings!

(May 20th, 2015) - New replays from Duplode, Shoegazing Leo and AbuRaf70. Look at the 2nd Raceís Standings! These times was made before the 2h of May, 20th 2015 GMT.

(May 12th, 2015) - First replays of 2nd race! Look at the 2nd Raceís Standings! Three of afullo replays are invalid, because got penalties, then they are counting like 10 minutes.

(May 5th, 2015) - Letís Go! The 2nd Race started! And there is also a new thing called DataGonzo, a different way to do analysis. Fasten your seatbelt!

(May 2nd, 2015) - See the officialized results, the season standings and misc data.

(April 29th, 2015) - The 1st race is over! Look at the 1st Raceís Standings! the Extraofficial results with a fantastic victory of Duplode with the godfather Zak McKracken second and the old-good Alan Rotoi third. Eight pipsqueaks sent replays. The Standings and All stats will be updated after the officialization on next days! 2nd Race will start on May, 5th. Stay tuned!

(April 23rd, 2015) - LAST WEEK! HURRY! Five replays, one from afullo and four from Shoegazing Leo. Look at the 1st Raceís Standings! - The replays was sent before the 2h GMT from April, 15th. After the race, all the sent replays will be on a .rar file, with a folder to every racer.

(April 15th, 2015) - New replays starring AbuRaf70 and Zak McKracken. Look at the 1st Raceís Standings! - The replays was sent before the 2h GMT from April, 15th. After the race, all the sent replays will be on a .rar file, with a folder to every racer.

(April 7th, 2015) - A lot of new replays in the last days. AbuRaf70 and Shoegazing Leo improved their times. Duplode and Alan Rotoi started to race. Look at the 1st Raceís Standings! - The replays was sent before the 23h GMT from April, 6th. After the race, all the sent replays will be on a .rar file, with a folder to every racer.

(April 1st, 2015) - Starting with twelve replays, one of each track from three racers: Shoegazing Leo, AbuRaf70 and afullo. Look at the 1st Raceís Standings! - The replays was sent before the 22h GMT from March, 31st.

(March 30th, 2015) - Letís go! The competition just started! See the rules and race on the 1st Race (Sideshow + Trujillo + Ushuaia + Anxi).

(March 24th, 2015) - The last update before the start. Please start your engines!

(March 20th, 2015) - Ten days left to the start. Five racers are already in. Letís Go! This is this competition forum area. Donít understood? See the rules.

(March 8th, 2015) - The start is coming. Fasten your seatbelt!

(February 8th, 2015) - The poll on this link saw that your season will be april-september. The schedule is ready here. Actually the season, what can change due real life activities, starts on March 30th and finishes on October 3rd. Fasten your seatbelt!

(February 1st, 2015) - Last week to give your opinion about your schedule. The poll is here on this link. Letís go!

(January 25th, 2015) - There is a little update on Rules. This is about old replays. Continue voting on the poll what will decide your schedule. The poll is here on this link. Stay beautiful (orkut, we miss you).

(January 19th, 2015) - This website is officially released. We are with a poll on the Stunts Forum about the start of our competition (march or april?). If you are not registered, register there. The poll is here on this link. If you miss the Bushís song on the opening, this it (then, you let play during the visit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwBDnYj7plQ

(January 18th, 2015) - This is a test. The Stunts LOL Classics are coming soon. What the hell are The Stunts LOL Classics!? The Stunts LOL Classics will be a special competition celebrating the old times with six rallies with all the 26 Stunts LOL tracks. You can find the Stunts LOL memory at this website. The memory preservation is a courtesy from Zak, from the Stunts Portal. Stay tuned!


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