1st Race Gonzo

Brrrrr... It’s very cold here, in Ushuaia. Eight racers spread some snow here in Southern Argentina.

Then.. let’s go the DataGonzo:

This Duplode’s victory is the first of a brazilian on any StuntsLOL competition. The best country’s results before this was two second places of Dark Chaser and one second place of Leo Ramone, today called Shoegazing Leo.

Sideshow was a No Time track from the first season. Maybe, because of this and the lenght, was the track with the greatest gap between the first and the last: 33.2 seconds!

Shoegazing Leo raced 0,2 seconds slower in Trujillo than in 2003. He was the only one who sent replay to both races.
Duplode and Zak McKracken were faster than Krys Toff, winner of 2003, who made 1’24’’50. dreadnaut, Alan Rotoi and dstien were slower than Alain, the second place on that race, with 1’29’’35

Alan Rotoi was the winner of Ushuaia in 2003 with 1’33’’05, but now made only 1’39’’65, slower than Krys Toff, what was 3rd on that race, with 1’38’’95.
Shoegazing Leo was another time slower than 2003: 1’38’’90 against the 1’37’’70 what gave this only 2nd place on a Stunts LOL Competition.
Duplode was better than the Alan Rotoi’s record with an impressive 1’29’’00.

The 2004 Gutix’s lap in Anxi was unbeatable. Duplode’s made 0’58’’05, slower than the incredible 0’49’’55 of the retired pipsqueak from Argentina. The 2015’s winner made only the 5th best time of this track.
Alan Rotoi, called Stunts Oracle on thats year gone from a very strong 0’53’’90 (2nd place) to a less strong 0’59’’80. Shoegazing Leo gone to a 1’06’’70 to a 1’08’’00.

Comparing the classifications:
Duplode was the first on all tracks (and earned 8 extra points for it), Zak McKracken was the second on all, and Afullo was the eight on all tracks.
Best positions of the others:
- Alan Rotoi: 3rd on Anxi
- dreadnaut: 3rd on Trujillo
- AbuRaf70: 3rd on Sideshow
- Shoegazing Leo: 3rd on Ushuaia
- dstien: 5th in Trujillo
Worst positions:
- Alan Rotoi: 4th on Sideshow, Trujillo and Ushuaia
- dreadnaut: 6th on Ushuaia
- AbuRaf70: 7th on Trujillo
- Shoegazing Leo: 7th on Sideshow
- dstien: 7th on Ushuaia and Anxi

Well... it’s all an..aaa.. aaaa.. aaaatchoooo! I need to go to the hotel... Kermit brings some bifes de chorizo to eat... Then, see you on the next!!!


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