There are some similar rules to Stunts LOL. Somebody remember?:

1- You can use replay handling and shortcuts, but without any penalty.

2- To inscription: nickname, country, team

3- Teams are made of 1-4 racers

4- Recomended Broderbround 1.1 version

And now, the differences:

1- The place of inscription is at the Stunts Forum, on competition forum.

2- All replays will sent at the Race Topic, like the all public rule from USC. You donít need to send all replays of the race at the same time. All replays sent in 2002, 2003 and 2004 are on our archives, then, you canít send old replays or send a replay what was made out of the racetime.

3- The race system is the rally system. There are four or five tracks by Race. The faster time on all races together gives the victory.

4- There are some extra points for the best time on each track.

5 - If the racer donít sent replay for one or more tracks of rally, the time is 10 minutes. Why 10 minutes? Because the longest track of the 26 are about 4 minutes.

6- The only allowed car is the original Porsche March Indy. You can drive with different gears on different tracks.

7- About Classification:

a) Tied laps in a track gives advantage to the first racer what sent the replay.

b) Point system:

1st: 20 pts.

2nd: 16 pts.

3rd: 14 pts.

4th: 12 pts.

5th: 10 pts.

6th: 8 pts.

7th: 6pts.

8th: 4 pts.

9th: 2 pts.

10th: 1 pt.

Participation Bonus: +1 automatic point per "completed" race (the completed race is the rally with at least one sent replay).

Best lap on each track: + 2 points

c) The three competitions:

I) Racers Championship.

II) Teams Championship: The sum of the points of the team's racers.

III) The Nations Cup: The points of best racer of each race of each country is added to the nation.

d) Tie-Break Criteria:

I) - Number of victories.

II) - Positions Average.

III) - Direct Confrontation: Difference in tracks run by all of tied pilots measures in seconds.

8 - The schedule:

1st Race (4 tracks): From March 30th 0 h GMT to April 29th 0 h GMT

Interval: From April 29th 0 h GMT to May 5th 0 h GMT

2nd Race (4 tracks): From May 5th 0h GMT to June 5th 0 h GMT

3rd Race (4 tracks): From June 5th 0 h GMT to July 5th 0 h GMT

4th Race (4 tracks): From July 5th 0 h GMT to August 4th 0 h GMT

5th Race (5 tracks): From August 4th 0 h GMT to September 3rd 0 h GMT

6th Race (5 tracks): From September 3rd 0 h GMT to October 3rd 0h GMT

The schedule can be changed due to real life activities.



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