Hello! I know what you know me! But, if you donít know me, Iím Gonzo! My old friend Shoegazing Leo invited me and now Iíll put some gonzo stats here, after each race.

Well, I raced some Stunts some years ago and thinked to join this race, but they only race with the Indy and my favourite car is the Ikarus. But the best pipsqueak of the Muppets is Animal, with their very savage style... Then letís start the stats!

1st Race (Sideshow + Trujillo + Ushuaia + Anxi)

2nd Race (Boorcity + Criciķma + Haifa + Calicut)

3rd Race (Noseview + Kandahar + Taltal + David)

4th Race (Longway + Gonaives + Pasto + Samsum)

5th Race (LOL-MS + Tampico + Miyazaki + Dam + Sukkur)

6th Race (Noisy + Karbala + Taegu + Riobamba + Dili)


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