3rd Race Gonzo

Well... I’m in Curitiba... Now, i got my ukelele and will sing some songs at Largo da Ordem... But before I’m on Stunts LOL’s Headquarters. I have a job to do before the party. The city is very hot and cold. Last days, the temperature come to 5 to 25 celsius degrees... and it rained a lot.... Unfortunalety, i don’t saw any Ikarus, but I saw a lot of buses with three parts.
Well... I need to sing some numbers now...

Duplode won again. Now, he has a hat-trick and 100% of victories on each track too. He put a impressive gap of 1’19’’70 over the 2nd place, dreadnaut.

Noseview had a winner in 2002: Krys Toff with 3’36’’95. Only afullo raced worst than him now, but he was better than Alain, the second place, who marked 3’44’’85.

Shoegazing Leo was, under his old nickname, the fifth and last in 2004’s Kandahar race. He was slower in 2015 going from 1’17’’75 to 1’19’’70, but was the second best time at this track this year. Gutix is the record owner scoring in 2005: 56’’05. With your 1’00’’25, Duplode would be the second.

There is a bizarre thing in Taltal and it’s not me here commenting. Shoegazing Leo scored the same lap time now and in 2003: 1’24’’90, the fifth best time on the two opportunities. Duplode doesn’t beat the Bonzai Joe record: 54’’65. There is the positions of 2015’s pipsqueaks if raced in 2003: Duplode: 2nd; dreadnaut, AbuRaf70 and Shoegazing Leo: 5th; afullo: 6th.

Shoegazing Leo was 3 seconds slower in 2015 than in 2003 in David. He came from 1’32’’55, the sixth best time, to 1’35’’55. Duplode would be the third in 2003 with their 1’14’’05, behind Alan Rotoi (why you don’t raced bro?) with 1’12’’15 and Krys Toff with 1’13’’80. The positions of the another pipsqueaks if would raced in 2003: dreadnaut: 4th; AbuRaf70 and dstien: 5th; afullo: 7th.

Comparing the classifications:
Duplode was the first on all and afullo was the sixth on all
Best positions of the others:
dreadnaut: 2nd on Taltal and David
AbuRaf70: 3rd on Kandahar and Taltal
dstien: 2nd on Noseview
Shoegazing Leo: 2nd on Kandahar
Worst positions of the others:
dreadnaut: 5th on Kandahar
AbuRaf70: 5th on Noseview
dstien: 4th on Kandahar and Taltal
Shoegazing Leo: 5th on Taltal and David

Well... It’s time to go and play! See you on next month!


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