4th Race Gonzo

Hello! Everybody! Last month was very dry here! I’m with Animal taking a ride in the sands. The TV is saying what the rain is coming. Animal, say something to our readers!


Well... take your eyes on road! I’ll show the numbers now!

Duplode didn’t sent replays, then the victory was of dreadnaut. First italian to reach the top position on the podium. But AbuRaf70 was the fastest in Pasto and Shoegazing Leo was the fastest in Samsum. First time with different owners of tracks’ fastest laps.

Longway doesn’t have any replay in 2002, then, the dreadnaut’s 4’20’’80 is the all-time record of this track

Shoegazing Leo was the only one who raced Gonaives in 2003 and in 2015. And he was 0’00’’45 faster now. 1’54’’50 in 2003 and 1’54’’05 in 2015. With his 1’42’’35, dreadnaut would be the second in 2003, because Krys Toff marked an impressive 1’35’’40 that time.

Shoegazing Leo was too the only one who raced Pasto in 2003, but was more than 10% slower than in the past. He marked 50’’00 in 2003 and now made a 55’’85. The AbuRaf70’s 46’’20 would be only the seventieth time in this track, after Alain, Gutix, Mingva, Krys Toff, Bonzai Joe and the stunning 39’’10 lap of CTG.

Shoegazing Leo raced in 2004’s Samsum round and was the fouth (and last). Very curious what was the faster this time with a time one second slower than that 01’01’’20, after Dark Chaser, Gutix and Krys Toff, who made 50’’50.

Comparing the classifications:
dstien was fourth in all tracks and afullo was fifth.
Best positions of the others:
dreadnaut: 1st in Longway and Gonaives
AbuRaf70: 1st in Pasto
Shoegazing Leo: 1st in Samsum
Worst positions of the others:
dreadnaut: 3rd in Samsum
AbuRaf70: 2nd in Longway, Gonaives and Samsum
Shoegazing Leo: 3rd in Longway, Gonaives and Pasto.

Hey, Animal! Beware that corkscrew!!! Don’t gear down! Don’t chew the gear! Dont chew the gear!


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