6th Race Gonzo

Hello! We are here - me and my love Camilla - to the last Race Gonzo. After this, we’ll go back to the US because this project is over...

Congratulations to Duplode, the champion. He won all points when sent replays. Let’s go to the numbers!

Duplode was the fastest in Noisy, but his 1’49’’80 was slower than the Alain Rotoi’s lap in 2002: 1’46’’95

Shoegazing Leo was the only one who raced Karbala in 2004 and in 2015. And he was faster now (1’46’’40) than in 2004 (1’54’’30). Duplode was slower (1’29’’05) than Gutix in 2004 (1’27’’80).

Shoegazing Leo was the only one who Raced Taegu in 2004 and 2015. Now he was slower (1’15’’50) than 2004 (1’11’’45). The Duplode’s 2015 time was only the sixth best in history (1’05’’30). The record stills with Akoss Poo and his impressive 52’’70 in 2004.

Again, Shoegazing Leo was the only one who raced Riobamba in 2003 and 2015. He was faster now (1’01’’25) than in 2003 (1’04’’10). Duplode was faster (42’’90) than Mingva in 2003 (43’’25). This is a new record!!! Congratulations!!!!

Finally, Dili. Shoegazing Leo was slower now (1’02’’50) than in 2004 (58’’80). The Duplode’s lap (49’’50) was only the third best in history. The record stills with CTG, in 2004, with 45’’55.

Comparing the classifications:
Duplode was the first in all tracks and Afullo the fifth
The best dreadnaut’s position was 2nd (Noisy, Taegu, Riobamba and Dili), the worst was 3rd in Karbala
The best Aburaf70’s position was 2nd in Karbala and the worst was 4th in Riobamba
The best Shogazing Leo’s position was 3rd in Riobamba and the worst was 4th in Noisy, Karbala, Taegu and Dili.

Well... It’s time to say goodbye!!! Thanks for all love what you gave to me here in this project! I’ll see you later!!! Thanks for all!!! And thanks for my team and who took part in this show! Bye!


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